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    Tumblr Tuesday: The Great Tumblr Book Search, the Sequel 

    Chronicle Books
    Chronicle Books and Tumblr are more than just partners in this book search, we’re friends. Best friends.

    Droll Pranks for Rich Boys
    Our Grand Prize Winner! The Wealthy Young Gentleman’s Guide to Horseplay offers tomfoolery, japes, and jests to play upon the other lads.

    How to Success
    Writing is not a talent so much as it is a series of (adjective) tricks with a hint of (noun).

    Well That’s Adorable
    If you need your life to be ruined by unbearable cutenesshave a look through this archive. 

    Printed Internet
    Imagine a world where the Internet became self aware, folded in on itself, developed a consciousness singularity, and then got printed out on a piece of paper. Daniel Kolitz did. 

    Photo via Printed Internet

    Just need to add “And then a few years later, he died” and Tumblr’s basically written my obituary.